Pictionary Board Game

Pictionary board game is a famous game played by all age groups. It was discovered in the year 1985 and since then it has been regularly evolving and many changes have taken place. It is among the most popular word guessing game and is equally loved by small kids, youngsters and adult people as well. The pictionary board game has been an integral part of the birthday parties, casual get together class room competitions. These days, the online Pictionary board game is very popular on the internet and you can easily find various versions of Pictionary board game online on the internet free of cost to play with.

Pictionary board game is basically a game in which one has to make a guess to find out the correct word after looking at what the other person has drawn on the paper or a board. Like if the word is elephant, then it has to be guessed after another player of the same team draws it and helps its team member guess the correct word. These days the various versions of pictionary board game online comes with beautiful game boards. Also, the traditional pictionary games comprises of one-minute timer, and a pack of cards which comp-rises of words, a die, markers, category cards, pencils and notepads. This is also one of the reasons why children like pictionary board game.

There are certain rules of pictionary board game which need to be followed by the participants. Since, it involves drawing the shapes and then guessing the word through the sketch, it is not allowed to mark any kind of symbol or number and absolutely no letter in the picture. There are a number of squares and once you begin from the first square the aim of the game is to reach the last square before your opponent does. The marker should belong to each team and each team must consist of two or more players. Each player is required to have his own pencil, a notepad and a category card.

In Pictionary board game online, all teams are given a chance to guess the word correctly. One member who is going to draw the picture can see the word and then draw to their respective teams. There can be any number of teams which can paly Pictionary board game at the same time. If there are lesser number of teams, the chances of winning are higher and game becomes interesting and more fun.


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