Checkers Board Game

Checkers board game is a very popular and interesting game which is played between twp players on a check board. The objective of the game is to win over the objects of the opponent and the players who succeed to do so before his opponent is declared as the winner of the checkers board game.

The check board on which the board game of checkers is played consists of squares which are arranged in eight rows and eight columns pattern. Generally, two different colors are used to represents the squares. The most common colors used are red and black. The two players who compete against each other get twelve playing pieces to play the board game of checkers. The interesting thing to know about checkers board game online version is that it is played on black squares only. The players get the choice to choose the color for the first move. Generally, the game starts with the red color and once the first move has been made, the two players rotate the turn to make moves.

In the starting of the online checkers board game, the pieces are to be moved only in the front direction. Each player is allowed to move only a single square at a time. The moves which are made by the players are categorized as the capturing moves and the non capturing moves. The non capturing moves in the online checkers board game are those which are made in the straight direction and the moves which are made diagonally to the connecting square are known as the capturing moves. There players can also take a jump over the pieces of the opponents. These kind of moves which include jumping are known as capturing moves. These moves are used to remove the opponent’s pieces from the game board. Or, we can say that these types of moves are generally taken when the players make a piece jump over the piece of the opponent in case the square behind the at-risk square is empty.

The main aim behind the checkers board game online is to arrange pieces by moving them in such a manner that opponent’s pieces get blocked and are unable make any moves. The players use various strategies and techniques to take all the pieces of the opponent or force the opponent to make moves which disallow him to maneuver the pieces of the game in a desired manner.


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