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Are fighting games the most popular genre of games?

I am Jason and I love playing online games. My favorite genre of games is Fighting Games, I am sure this is the genre of most of the male players out there. It was the year of 1976 when Sega came up with the first game having a fighting theme. The main aim of these games is to register a win against the opponent. There are few rounds in these games and the player, who successfully wins the maximum rounds, is the winner of the game.

While playing these games, a player can choose a particular character and specific fighting moves. A player can make choice between female and male fighters and they can use kickboxing, judo, sumo, and sword fights. To make the games more exciting and engaging, the appearance of the characters can be easily customized as well.

I really like playing fighting games because of their serious nature and I am sure that nobody wants to lose while playing them. Who wants to lose 10-20 times in a row, at least I don’t, and this is the feeling that makes the players to play more of these games. Some of my favorite games having fighting theme are – Street Fighter, Rumble Fighter, All Monster Attack, and Chrome Wars.


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