Backgammon's Frequently Asked Questions

Following are answers to some frequently ask questions about backgammon that may enable players to understand the game more.

What's inside a backgammon set? 1. A backgammon board. 2. Thirty checkers with two different colors with each player having 15 checkers with the same colors. 3. An ordinary pair of dice. It is best that each player has a pair of dice. 4. For purpose of rolling and shaking the dice, a dice cup is needed. 5. A doubling cube for stakes track is optional.

How the board is arranged? Checkers movement is determine on how the board is set-up. Playing white, a player can choose between moving clockwise or counter clockwise. If the player opt to move clockwise it follows that red checkers moves counter clockwise Players bear off to the right, white at the lower right and red at the upper right or vice versa.

Which player starts first? By letting both players roll dice decide who will play first. Who gets a higher number plays first. If ties happen players continue to roll the dice until a winner came out.

Board parts:

What is the bar? The bar is a designated place where a checker is put after it is hit.

How the tables are use? Inner is use to determine how a player sets the checker. Right inner table is established if the player chooses the right side and vice versa.

What is the mid-point? At the start of the game, each player stack five checkers in his opponent's side, that is the mid-point.

What is the ace-point? The checkers last available move before it is bear off. Another common term for ace-point is one-point.

Moving the Checkers:

Can a player makes a pass when it' is his turn? No, a player must continue rolling one until such play is made.

What is a blot? A checker is called a blot if it sits alone at a point. If an opponent's checker is placed i a bar if it lands and hits the opposing blot.

How to use the bar? The bar is a place where hit checkers are place.

How a point is made? Putting together two or more checkers makes a player own a point. As long as a player owns a point no opponent can land there.

Q: What is a prime? If a player makes six consecutive points then a prime is set. An opponent can't pass by you if a prime is made in front of his checkers.

Where is my home board? Before checkers are bear off, the last quadrant where it is place is the home board. Your home board is the last quadrant that you move your checkers to before bearing them off. An opponent home board is the place where the player put his checkers after they were hit.

What is a closed board? A close board is made if a player successfully put six points at his home board.

How should one knows if his turn over? Picking up the dice signals that a player's turn is over

How an illegal move is made? A player can correct an illegal move before he picks up the dice. If an error was noticed after a player picked had picked the dice, the opposing player can permits or prohibits his opponent to correct the mistake. Play continues regardless of whether a mistake do occurs even if it was left unnoticed.

Other questions may come out in the process of playing backgammon. It is a good topic for our next discussion.


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