Be A Hunter, Play Backgammon

Backgammon is an ancient dice game. Skill and luck is what a backgammon game needs of a player. Even pharaohs enjoyed and indulged in this board game, and other boardgames were forced in the tomb of King Tutankhamen. Chinese, ancient greeks, romans played other versions of the game. There is also the Russian and Persian backgammon.

Simulation of everyday activities of hunters, warriors, gamblers, or tradesmen stated the versions of the game. They thought that inventing these games helped them interpret or know the wishes of their gods. Many of the games encourage diplomacy and negotiation at its best. Lures and traps are strategically placed at preconceived locations and the movements of the hunted are monitored. As in hunting or warring sects luring the men or opponents and paralyzing them through calculated risks produce a prize catch. The momentum of the catch or prey determines the next move.

Ancient people were naļve and lacked sophistication as far as equipment goes. The flat ground became their board. Lines were drawn by fine skeleton bones or sticks; pieces were represented by pebbles or stones; dice were shaped from earthen cups or stones.

Archaeologists have found a version of this backgammon game in pharaohs and queens tombs so it only follows that gems and precious stones were used as pieces. The flat board was discounted and lined with gold trimmings. Dyes of the finest qualities were used to color the pieces. It was a favorite pastime of King Tutankhamen and his court that this gameboard was brought over into the inner sanctums of the dead.

It can be deduced that ancient men and pharaohs were intelligent to warrant them to play backgammon because it needed great skill. They needed to exhibit diplomacy in entering not compromising and winning deals. Negotiations across the tables were waged to believe in sincere concerns to win almost all or all the properties or the coveted wealth of an opposing table or nation.

Gods placed an interesting role. The hunters or players moved to a define place or point either to move successfully or occupy a point to prevent or break and capture prizes to immobilize pending attacks.

The warriors consulted and offered sacrifices to appease a god or favor a god but more specifically to know what is wanted from them or to accomplish the wishes for a god.

Backgammon turned sophisticated when the game was attracting a lot of spectators and waged a bet with skill to lure all 15men into the evils of the table and then removing them all away from the inner table.

Backgammon began to dominate board games and international tournaments in 1964 were held to appease the increasing demands of lovers of the game. Because of its immense popularity, there were many games put up so that everyone could enjoy the sport.


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