Carcassonne Board Game

The Carcassonne board game is a very popular game based on the tiles. The game can be played by two to five players. It has been designed by Klaus-Jurgen Wrede and it got published in the year 2000 in German and English languages. The Carcassonne board game became an instant hit among the board game lovers and it won the prestigious Spiel des Jahres award in the very next year in 2001. The Carcassonne board game has its name derived from the medieval fortified town of Carcassonne in Southern France, which was famous for its city walls.

These days there are so many versions and expansions of this game are available. One of them is Carcassonne board game online which is hugely popular along with various PC and console versions of online Carcassonne board game.

The board game of Carcassonne is an easy to play board game as there are no complicated rules to be followed in this game. It is played in such a way that [players have to place tiles within the city, cloisters, rivers, and farms, as drawn on the board. The aim of the players is to build the city of Carcassonne in Old France.

The Carcassonne board game online is a good choice for introducing those players to board games who are not yet familiar with board games because of the reason that it is a very simple, easy and interesting game to play. The rules of the board game of Carcassonne are not complicated and are easy to understand even by a first time player. The other fact about this game which, makes it a good option to play is that game does not involve any elimination and maintains a grip on the game by a fast movement. However, to become an expert in this Carcassonne board game, you need to practice hard and a few good tactics can improve the chances of winning to a great extant.

As discussed above, the game of Carcassonne has gone through various variations and versions from the time it was published for the first time. Today, you can easily find online Carcassonne board game, computer versions and console versions for the Carcassonne board game and choose the game in any of the available format according to your choice. Moreover, in case a person wants to play the game with these different additions and changes, it is possible as the changes are compatible with different versions of the game. The popularity of the game is evident from the number of mini expansions as well as numerous changes and additions within a short time of its publishing.

It is interesting to know that because of its huge and still growing popularity, there are so many similar board games being derived from the Carcassonne board game and they share similar mechanics as that of Carcassonne.


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