Chess Board Game

The chess board game is a very popular game played all around the world. Although, the exact origin of chess board game is not clearly known so far, it is believed to have its roots in Asia and originated iin around 400 AD.

Some historians believe that the chess board game online, which is played these days on the internet, has been derived from the ancient game of chess which originally belonged to Asia. However, the games similar to chess board games have also been discovered on sculptures found in Egypt and written documents almost a thousand years old have been found in and around the region. However, Chess as we know and play online Chess board game today and has undergone several changes from the draughts that we believe was its original form.

The chess board game over the years has changed in its form and nowadays we have online Chess board game. However, to a greater extant, the game has remained same all through the many centuries of its life. To discover this idea in chess board game is simple. The chess board game basically depicts a war like situation between two parties - a war of extinction played according to a set of well-laid out and disciplined chess rules and chess strategies.

The aim of the chess board game is quite simple to understand. It comprises of two players competing against one another using sixteen black colored chess pieces and the other player having sixteen white pieces of chess. It is played on a square chessboard which comprises of sixty four squares consisting of 32 dark squares and 32 light squares. Each chess piece is placed on a square meant for it with the dark chess pieces aligned on one side of the board and the light pieces on the other. There are six different types of chess pieces, the Pawn, Rook, Bishop, Knight, Queen and King. Each piece has its own unique way to move on the chessboard. Each player has one King and the ultimate aim is to win the game by capturing the opponent's King. The king generally never gets caught actually. However, the chess board games reach a point when the King is trapped and cannot move without being taken and this is called checkmate. When this happens the game gets over. Although, the aim of playing chess board games is quite simple, attaining expertise in this game of chess is requires immense skill and practice.


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