Clue Board Game

Clue board game is very famous all over the world. In England the board game of clue is known as Cluedo and in Brazil, it is called as Detective. The game of clue has such a successful formula that its fans following reached different countries and it’s been translated to many different languages. The objective of the clue game is very simple, you have to one amongst the all players who involved solving a murder mystery by deducing correctly the person who committed the crime, where it was done and how it was done.

Clue board game online composed of a board with nine rooms, suspect tokens, six weapon pieces, a pad of detective notes and the official game rules and instructions. To start the clue board game, you have to shuffle all twenty one cards in their corresponding groups of suspects, weapons and rooms. Then, you have pick up randomly one card from each group and put them into the envelope which marked ‘solution cards’. Later, you have to mixed and shuffle the remaining cards. Deal one card to each player till they are all have been dealt. Some players may have more cards. While playing online clue board game, it is very important that no one sees the cards.

You should position the entire six character piece on the beginning squares marked with their names and should place each weapon in several rooms. However, the suspect who is close to you is what you have to use throughout the game. While playing board clue game, player moves to a room, use their analysis and make accusation against a character by giving proof of how they committed the crime. Through deductive reasoning you must make out which character, weapon, and location are in the secret file. This is done by filing more and more accusations, and uncovering all the cards, each player holds.

After all the cards have been disclosed, the cards on the secret folder will be opened to know who the guilty person is, what weapon was used and where the crime was committed. Once you get details of the board game of clue, you can expand different strategies to play effectively and win the game. The goal of Clue board game is to infer the outcome using logic, luck and even strategy before any of your opponents can do the same. However, board game of clue has its own variations. While most rules remain the same, yet some variations do not use the dice.


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