Battleship Board Game

Battleship board game is a very popular game played across the globe among all age groups. It is a game which is designed to be played among two players and is meant to be played by any age group. The battleship board game was discovered by a person named as Clifford Von Wickler in the early nineteenth century. Actually, the battleship board game is based on the World War I. In its initial years, this game was basically a naval strategy competition game. Its board game version was first published in the year 1967. Nowadays, there are various different versions and editions of this game are available. The latest version of battleship board game is known as the Tactical Combat.

You can also find the battleship board game online on the internet. The newer versions of online battleship board game, also available on the internet come with various changes like the shape of the ships, shape of the board, which is now hexagon and addition of several small islands in the game. The other features available in different versions of the game are electronic battleship, Star Wars advanced mission battleship and Pirates of the Caribbean battleship. Also, there are battleship puzzles and video games that are available on the internet.

In the electronic version of the battleship board game, the role of the opponent player is played by the computer system. It was first developed and in the year 1977. The other popular versions of this battleship board game online which became huge hits comprises of Star Wars battleship version which was a huge hit in the market due to its exciting characters.

The Battleship board game a navy game which provides a feeling of excitement while playing the game especially when the players are drowning the hidden ships of the opponents. The players are provides with a board which is unseen by the opponents and a sea is represented on the game playing board. The grids are used on the boards to represent the ocean that is meant to have ships placed on it. The two players have to set his or her ships in position. There is fleet of five ships each. The main objective of the game is to destroy each other’s ships by sinking them into the ocean. Facing each other the two players call their shots in an effort to hit the other person’s ships. In this game, both the technique and your luck matter.


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The new double-sided battle grid brings even more excitement to BATTLESHIP.