Chinese Checkers Board Game

Chinese checkers board game is a very popular board game which can be played by two to six players. Basically, this game has been derived from another board game known as the Halma. The online version of this game known as Chinese checkers board game online is also available on the internet.

The aim of the Chinese checkers board game is to put the pieces in the corner of the board opposite their initial position of a hexagram. This needs to done using single jumps or moves over opposite player’s pieces.

The board used in Chinese checkers board game comprises of 121 indentations forming an arrangement of six pointed star, like a regular hexagram. The pieces which are used in this game are in the form of six sets of colored marbles, 10 of each color. The each set of 10 pieces need to be put in places of one of the star points. The game of Chinese checkers rotate among the players in a fixed order and each of the players has to make one move initial to the next contestant. The players need to move the piece by a jump or else to an adjacent spot.

The objective of playing Online Chinese checkers board game is to enter your ten pieces of marbles into the base which is exactly opposite to the other player’s base. The player need enter his pieces before any of the other players enter into the opposite pit of the board. The standard jumps can be used by using the multiple hops. Every player will take turns by moving one their marble; either they can move it by single adjacent step or even by moving in the order of a chain. In some of the instances a contestant may go for an option to stop the movement part way by the chain to obstruct the progress of the opponent.

It is interesting to know that despite this game being known the Chinese checkers, this game does not have its roots in China or from any part Asia. It is also not a deviation of the game checkers. Actually, this origin of the Chinese checkers goes back to Germany where it was invented in 1893witha name Stern – Halma, as a deviation on an old American game called Halma. The ‘Stern’ is referred to the star - shape of the game board. The name of this game was originated in United States.


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