Game Of Life

The game of life is an exciting board game which represents life journey. The players playing game of life board game experiences all the stages of life starting with going to college, selecting a career option, getting married, starting a family, buying a house, and then getting retired from job. The player who gets the highest net worth at the end of the game wins the game of life. In other words, this game is played by two to six players and the main aim of the players is to collect as mush worth as possible and life tiles at the end of the game. The game of life has been one of the most poplar board games of all times and nowadays you can also play game of life board game online on your computer. Playing online game of life board game is like the traditional game of life played on board; however it has lots of new and improved features which are not available with the simple game of life board game or with other computer versions.

Originally, the game of life board game online was known as ‘The Checkered Game of Life’ and it was designed in the year 1860 by a person named Milton Bradley. It was supposed to simulate the real life situation of a person through his school days, college, job, marriage, children and ultimately retirement. It was a modified version of checkerboard and people used to play it with a six-sided top instead of dice. The objective was to land on the good spaces and collects one hundred points. Initially, there used to be only two to six players who could play the game of life at one time. However, modern versions of the game such as the online game of life board game versions and some other advanced versions allow up to ten players to play the time at a single time. To celebrate its hundred year’s anniversary, the game of life was revamped to give it all new look by Reuben Kramer in 1960. Thereafter, many re-published issues with subtle variations were introduced into the market.

The game of life board game is an exciting game to play and a favorite pass time activity of many as it represents a journey of life, providing each family member an opportunity to prove his or her skills along with luck and ability to handle risk. It is considered as the classic family game which is liked by all.

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