Guesstures Board Game

There are so many online board games available these days on the internet. Some of them may or may not require strategizing or fast thinking, however, the game named as the guesstures board game, not only tests your mental abilities but also your acting skills. As suggested by the name, the guesstures board game online involves both the gestures and guesswork and subsequently entails gesturing and guess work. The guesstures game to a large extant is similar to another popular leisure time activity known as the Dumbcharades. The only difference between these two is the topic which is acted out. In Dumbcharades, the topic of miming focuses around movies, whereas in guesstures the focus is on words.

Playing online guesstures board game is similar to playing quick charades games. It is a very popular game for large groups. Below given information will let you know how this guesstures board game is played.

Well, in guesstures board game, there are two different sets of cards. One set of cards is meant for round one and other set of card is for second round of the guesstures game. Every player gets one turn per round to charade. When your turn comes, you will get four cards. There is an easier (lower point) word and a harder (higher point) word on it. What you need to do in order to win the game is to decide which of the two words you are going to charade on each card. After this, you need to set the cards in the timer with the easiest cards on the right and the toughest cards on the left.

Then you will start the timer and charade the card on the far right. In case, your team members are able to guess correctly what you are charading, you grab that card and start charading the second card on the right. If you ever take too long to charade a card it will fall into the timer and you must move on to the next card. The time limit per card is fairly short, but if you get your easier ones quickly it gives you more time to work on the harder ones. At the end of your four cards you will earn points for all the ones that you got out of the timer before they fell.

So, what are you waiting for? Start playing gestures game and have fun.


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