Trivial Pursuit Board Game

Trivial pursuit board game is a very famous game in which the victory of a player depends upon his ability to answer questions based on general knowledge and popular cultures.

The trivial pursuit board game was by Scott Abbott, a sports editor for the Canadian Press together with Chris Haney, a photo editor of Montreal’s The Gazette in the year 1979. They decided to develop this game of trivial pursuit when some pieces of their scrabble game went missing. It was officially released in the year 1982 and since it was a general knowledge based game, it was an instant hit.

Today, there are various versions of Trivial Pursuit are available along with the o online trivial pursuit board game. The various versions consist of questions which are added in to the game to challenge players of different ethnic backgrounds in around nineteen languages and over thirty countrie4s around the world. The board used to play trivial pursuit board game is basically divided into squares which are arranged such a manner forming a six spoke wheel shape. The every square on the board is colored, having one special square of each color situated at the link of the "wheel" with each spoke in that order.

The objective of playing trivial pursuit board game online is to keeping moving around the game board by giving in the right answers of the trivia questions based on general knowledge and popular culture. The questions are further categorized into six groups of a unique color each. The names of the groups are geography, entertainment, history, arts & literature, science and nature and sports and leisure.

When the game is on, every player moves around a track shaped like a wheel having six spokes. The track is divided into spaces of various different colors and at the end of each spoke is the headquarter space of a particular group. When a player reaches a square, he needs to answer the question represented by the color of that space, which corresponds to one of the six question categories. If the player answers the question correctly, he continues playing. If the player lands on the headquarter space, he will receive the cheese of the same color and fits it into his playing piece. Some spaces have their own set of directions and ask you to follow them when you land on them, for example, if a space says Roll Again, then the player gets an extra roll of the dice. The questions which are asked during the trivial pursuit board game are written on cards and stored in a box. There use to be six questions, one from each category written on each card, with the answers at the back. Once a player has collected a cheese of each color to fill up his playing piece, he makes his way to the centre of the wheel track and has to answer a question in a question category selected by the other players. If this question is answered correctly then that player wins the game and otherwise, the player must leave the centre of the board and try again on his next turn. The important thing to note down regarding trivial pursuit is that any number of playing pieces may occupy the same space at the same time.


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