how to play roulette

To get the best winnings from the game of roulette, it is important to know how it is played and thus know the steps to follow. It begins by making the respective bets , and the croupier throws a ball on the roulette in motion, after the ball spins several times it will fall on one of the roulette boxes. The object of the game is to predict which slot the ball will land on, at the end of which the dealer will announce the winning number and the winning bets, and proceed to pay the winning bets . The croupier announces the start of a new game by saying “make a game”, the players will be able to place their bets on the table until the croupier closes the bets by saying “no more”. Rules for playing roulette In order for the game of Roulette to work and make a profit, it needs different rules that make up and govern the different games. And at this point you can delve a little deeper into these rules presented by the famous game of roulette, this time emphasizing the bets 카지노사이트: “En Prison”: What this rule says is that when bets are made and the result is 0, the player can get a return of 50% of the bet he made. Depending on the regulations of the casino, the chip will be returned or it will be due at the table to be used in the next bet. Also depending on the casino, it is established that if in the next round the result is 0 again, the sum bet will be totally lost. “La Partage”: It is a rule similar to the previous one and is normally used in French roulette. In this case the rule applies to outside bets. Half of the bet is returned at the moment the ball results in 0. Tips and strategies for playing roulette There are a lot of tips, although some are more efficient than others and show how to apply roulette strategies in online casinos and win a lot of money. Simply select a strategy spinner and apply it over and over again until you master it and start winning. You can practice it first for free, discover how at . The basic tips are: Use a strategy, whenever you want to win consistently make inside bets , take the game easy regardless of the outcome, always play at a recognized and recommended online casino. Accept that even with an effective system, you will still have some losing days. A truly effective strategy can benefit you in the long run 카지노사이트. There are innumerable strategies that people use to play, such as the Martingale strategy is also known as “the double strategy” and the basis of this system lies in the idea that theoretically every second round of the game can be won on a single bet without having to account zero. The James Bond strategy is simple to apply since its bases are clear. To start, you should know that this system requires having at least 200 euros to be able to do it, although a higher bankroll is clearly required to be able to spend more than one spin in the game. When executing the strategy you will have to make multiple bets on the high numbers, also on a six and a full number. The D’Alembert strategy, being an arithmetic strategy, you must increase the bet by 1 unit in case of losing. The color chosen in the bet is not relevant. Basically it increases when we lose, by 1 unit, and decreases when we win. In the event that you win as many times as you lose, using this system your result will be positive.