The 10 Best Gambling TV Shows of All Time

Are you trying to binge-watch some TV series in this pandemic era? Try watching a TV show based on gambling. Here are the top 10 gambling TV shows you should put on your watch list.

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These are the 10 most popular TV shows of all time based on gambling.

Here is the list:

Smart Live Casino (2007)

Smart Live Casino is a TV-based live casino that originated in the UK. The first episode aired in May 2007. In every episode, players play a variety of gambling games to keep the audience engaged. If you’re looking for a thrilling TV series with reality shows, you should watch this Smart Live Casino.

Breaking Vegas (2004)

This TV show originated in the United States. The show is based on how and what people would do if they needed to make money quickly through a casino. This TV series explains how people cheat in casinos, including card marking tricks.

King of Vegas (2006)

King of Vegas, a show that premiered on January 17, 2006. One of the best boxing commentators, Max Kellerman, hosted this TV series. Various gambling games were played in each episode of the series. This is a must-see.

Casino (2004)

This show also belongs to America. The story of this web series tells the story of two millionaires in Las Vegas who sold huge sums of money to raise their money. will they succeed? Watch this series for more details.

Big Deal (1984)

If you are interested in watching vintage gambling TV series, this is one. The story of the series revolves around a young man who struggles with his urge to gamble. The episode also shows how his gambling addiction affected his love relationship with this old girlfriend. Watch it once and share your review here.

Poker After Dark (2007)

This TV series is slightly different from the other two. It doesn’t revolve around the story, but it’s a sporting event. In each episode, they will show you how nervous you were when the match and the blinds went up. Shows with little commentary are great to watch. Some episodes are very tense and make you bite your nails.

World Poker Tour (2002)

World Poker Tour is a TV series that started airing in 2002. They broadcast all international poker matches. However, not all matches in tournaments are like that. They only aired the final table action. In general, the last one is the most interesting. Each episode is fun to watch. If you are a poker fan, you must watch it at least once.

Luck (2011)

Horse racing and horse racing is the subject of the TV series Luck. This show shows you down to the tiniest details of betting horses. This series has everything you need to know about horse racing betting, jockeys, and bookmakers.

High Stake Poker (2006)

High Stakes Poker used real 라이브카지노 locations for filming. This show is a reality show where you follow the stars of the poker game and learn the secrets and habits they play to win the game. A very interesting and informative TV series for all poker fans.

Liar Games (2007)

The difference between this series and the above series is that this show is a Japan-based show. Based on the 2007 cartoon, the show is based on a hero who does everything he can to win a gambling game involving betrayal and crime.

If you have more series beyond this, let us know in the comments below.