Mastermind Board Game

Mastermind board game is basically a code-breaking game which is designed to be played by players. The modern version of the game which is played using pegs was developed in the year 1970 by Mordecai Meirowitz in Israel.

The rules of the Mastermind board game are very simple. Since it is played by two players, one player plays the role of a codemaker and the other one plays the role of a codebreaker. Even pairs can contest out against each other.

The codebreaker in the game of mastermind board game online have to gauge the pattern which is formed by the other player known as the codemaker. The important thing is that both the position as well as the right color should be selected in a correct manner. The four colored balls out of six colors – red, blue, cyan, green, yellow & white are placed by the codemaker in the large holes covered by the shield, on the decoding board, which are visible only to the codemaker. Apart from decoding the board, there are colored code pegs as well as key pegs – black and white. The whole board is perforated with small holes for accommodating the colored pegs while the even smaller holes are intended for the key pegs.

The colored code pegs in the mastermind board game are placed by the code breaker on the decoding board. Based on this arrangement, the black peg is placed by the code breaker provided that position & color of the peg as well as the ball matches. In case, if only color matches and position is not same, then in this case white peg is rewarded to him. Thus, no pegs are to be placed if colors do not match.

There is a in Online mastermind board game that a the minimum of four pegs are to be placed so that none of the four holes are remained unoccupied. In this case agin, the key pegs are not to be placed in the same order for which the code pegs matched the balls. It is also significant to mention here that the duplicate pegs can also be placed. It depending on the entire sequence of attempts and feedbacks, the codebreaker tries to break the code but again there is a catch–you get only 12 attempts to guess the code.

Thus, we see that with such a huge number of choices baffling a person in tandem and that too with the limited attempts in mastermind board game, one really has to go through a brain-storming session in order to win the game.


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