Monopoly Board Game

Monopoly board game is one amongst the popular board games. This board game basically deals with purchasing, selling, renting and owning of property. Monopoly board game is played between two to eight players. Each player starts the game by picking up a token and receives 1500 dollar in monopoly or game money. However, the balance money and all the property typically belong to the bank. The high roller of the dice begins the game of monopoly, proceeding through every player.

In the game of monopoly, each player has to rolls two dice and moves according to the number displayed on them. If a player in the monopoly board game rolls doubles, that player immediately gets a second turn. If a player rolls doubles three times in a row, the player is sent to jail. However, the position of the player will determine the actions he can take. A simple example could be, if you lands on an open property, you can select to purchase it from the bank. If you select not to purchase it, the other players have the option of buying it in an auction. If the player lands on a property already owned by another, he will be required to pay rent.

In an online monopoly board game, players can also purchase, sell and trade properties between each other. In simple words, monopoly board game concludes when one play amasses all the wealth and all the other players are left bankrupt. In the event that a player owes rent to another player and cannot pay, the player is bankrupted and must give all his property to the other player. Monopoly board game is a game of chance but with a substantial tactical element. There's a strong element of luck involved in playing this game, but there's also enough strategy so that skilled players will win more often than not.

There are different variants in monopoly board game online. Some of the monopoly variants include monopoly junior, advance to boardwalk, express monopoly, monopoly the card game, don’t go to jail, and monopoly express. However, the game of monopoly is also available in various customized special editions including a slot machine game and various video game versions. Most of these special editions use standard monopoly or game money, but some of them use customized money.


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