Othello Board Game

Othello board game is a game designed to be played by two players. It is played using a board which has eight rows and eight columns. There are 64 pieces to be used to play the game. The pieces are circular shaped thin disks which are white on one side and black from the other side. In the board game of Othello, the aim of the players is to move these discs on the board in such a manner that as many as places on the board are covered by the dices of a single color and no space left for the opponent and thus finishes the game for the opponent.

This game has been quite popular around the globe and over the years, versions of Othello board game online have been introduced in the online market. Taking a brief look at the history of the Othello board game, you will come to know that it got discovered in 1883 in England before moving to Germany in the year 1898. and by the time 1975, the modern rules were applied to the Othello board game and it was launched in the United Sates of America and other countries of the world. It is important to mention here that the Othello board game which is being played these days, also make use of new and modified set of rules. It comprises of entirely new rules which have been adapted from the old version and is accepted all over the world.

The Othello board game is also popularly known as Reversi board game. Infact, it was its original game, however as with the change in rules and addition of modern concept,, its name also changed. The online Othello board game starts with four dice which are placed in the central squares of the board. The disks in the game have a white and a black side. Among these four markers, two are placed on the lighter side while the other two rest on the darker side. In total there are sixty-four squares on the board. One person chooses the lighter side while the other dominates the dark side. The aim of the game is to flip your opponent’s disks into the side that favors you or the one that you chose initially. It is decided who will take the first turn among the players. After this the players start forming their rows with their colored sides. Every player is required to make his row and try to avoid the other player obstructing his row with another side. Basically, the opponent will try and outflank the rows created by the other player and also at the same time trying to make maximum rows by him in order to win the Othello board game.


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