Risk Board Game

Risk board game is a strategic board game which is meant to be played by two to six players. It was developed by a film director from France named as Albert Lamorisse in 1957 while he was enjoying his holidays somewhere in Holland. Its original name was La Conquete du Monde which was translated into English language as The Conquest of the World.

Risk board game is a strategy based game and is more like a war game in which the main aim of the players is to take control over the entire world by capturing all the territories and also eliminating all opponents. The board used to play risk board game consists of forty two territories and six continents in all. There are four to twelve territories on every continent and also each continent have its own unique color. The rest of the online risk board game comprises of six sets of miniature armies, the risk cards and six dice essentials to play the game.

Since, risk board game online is a war based game, it makes use of military campaign strategies. The game gets started by rolling the dice, as players start occupying the territories and then take turns to initiate battles. Every battle comprises of three main parts which are - deployment of the army, attacking the opposition and fortification of territories held.

In the risk board game online, each army is allocated an army whose control lies with each player who then try to take charge attack neighbors in order to conquer them. The results of these types of battles are decided by rolling of the dice. The player who gets the higher roll of the dice is the winner and opposing player must remove one army from the territory. Players can reinforce their armies at the beginning in two ways. The players can also receive additional armies based on the territories under their control or by collecting cards from the deck. At the end of turn, every player can move any number of armies from one territory he controls into any one neighboring territory he already occupies, with the caveat that he leave at least one army in each territory.

In most versions the risk game including the online risk board game version, one the player who has been able to conquered the entire territories and eliminating all other players is declared as the winner o0f the game.


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