Rubik’s Cube Game

Rubik’s cube is a very popular mechanical puzzle. It consists of a three-dimensional cube having different colors arranged in 3x3x3 layout, forming six sides. The Rubik’s cube game was invented by Emo Rubik in 1980, who used to teach architecture in a college. It was awarded a best puzzle award in the same year and it became an instant hit. Rubik’s cube puzzle is indeed considered as a complex puzzle game and it is due to its sheer complexity factor, it is such a popular puzzle game.

In Rubik’s cube puzzle game, the layout is simple and within this layout there lies a lies a mechanism of spherical shaped cubes which are interlocked by a main structure affixed with such same small cubicles of all the 6 color. There are some foundation pieces in the Rubik’s cube which are fixed and can’t be moved. These pieces form the centre colors on all the six sides of the cube and rest of the other twenty 20 cubes fit on this structure in such a way that they can be rotated in all the possible directions. It is important to note that not all the pieces in the Rubik’s cube are same. There are twelve edge piece which has two colored sides each, and eight corner pieces with three colored sides. These all pieces together form the Rubik’s cube puzzle.

The aim of the Rubik’s cube game is to get pieces of same color at the each face of the cube in the same color and not a mix of colors. It seems very simple however; getting it right is a very tedious and complex affair. Different people use different strategies to solve Rubik’s cube game. Some try solving it fast, while others give up after numerous tries of random rotation with the cube, mixing all the colors further more. However, the best approach is described as the one which involves trying with a particular set of pre-defined sequence. There are various number of ways to solve the Rubik’s cube puzzle. Most of the ways stress on solving this puzzle by applying a set of pre-defined sequences and applying them in a step by step format. It is believed that with a little repetition and practice, the process of solving Rubik’s cube game can also be memorized. The real challenge however is to solve the puzzle in least number of moves.

These days, you can also download from internet the online version of the Rubik’s cube puzzle game to play it on your personal computer. However, you need to add some special plug ins software to be able to play this game on to your personal or desktop computer system.


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