Scrabble Board Game

The scrabble board game is a very popular game and is played all over the world among all age groups. It is also popularly known as crossword game in many countries. These days the online version of this game known as online scrabble board game is also available on the internet. Therefore you can play scrabble board game online or you can also download its computer version from the net to play at your personal computer system.

Although, scrabble is an easy game to play as it doesn’t have nay complicated rules to follow, still playing scrabble board game online requires innovation and perseverance. It was invented by an out-of-job architect called Alfred Mosher Butts during the period of great depression. It was originally called as the Lexico and then Criss cross word game. However, these days it is known as the scrabble board game and is defined as a game which is a combination of vocabulary skills, anagrams, crossword puzzles and an element of chance. Its author or the inventor deeply studied and analyzed the cryptography of the English language to find out how many tiles of each consonant and vowel to be included in the game as well as the value to be assigned to each letter.

The scrabble board game is played by two or four players using a square board which is having 15*15 grids of cells, known as squares, each of then holds a single letter tile. To start with, each player draws seven lettered tiles from a bag in a random fashion. Then, each player makes a word on the board.

There are some rules which need to be followed in the scrabble board game. It is required that the word which is being formed on the board use at least one letter from a previously formed word on the board. It should be made in a horizontally or vertical position. Moreover, it should be a properly used word found in a dictionary. It cannot be a proper noun, as in the name of a person or place. Since the resulting game ends looking like a crossword puzzle, the game is popularly known as the crossword game. There are different set of rules for different version of scrabble board games. In some games, the player who finishes his all the tiles first is declared as the winner. The rules are stated clearly and are easily available when you play online scrabble board game.


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