Taboo Game

Taboo board game is basically a party game which involves word guessing. The main objective in the taboo board game online for a participant is to have his/her partner able to guess the word on his/her card without the use of the word itself or five additional words listed on the card. This game of taboo shares similarities with another game named as the Catch Phrase, which is also a word guessing game involving a player trying to get his or her teammates to guess words using gestures and verbal cues.

The following things are required to play taboo game:

• A few hundred cards having words on both sides. The number of cards in a taboo board game depends on the game version. There is different number of cards in different online taboo board games.
• A container or a try to hold cards.
• The timer system in order to count the seconds and minutes.
• The buzzer system.
• Paper and pen to note down the score.

In online taboo board game, the players are grouped into two teams, sitting in an arrangement resulting in a circle. The player who enacts the words needs to get his teammates to guess that particular word in an allotted period of time. In taboo board game, there are five forbidden words known as the taboo words on the same card, which the player cannot speak out. The players from the opponent team hit the buzzer in case the taboo words are acted out and the player has to move on to the next word. The catch here is that the actor or the player can just use speech to prompt his teammates and gestures, singing are normally not allowed. Singing is permitted, provided the player just hums the words, instead of a tune. When time runs out, play passes to the next adjacent player of the other team.

The team earns one point for guessing the right word and penalty of point is also there in case if the taboo" words are spoken and the opposing team receives one point each time the giver passes. If the guessing team continuously guesses wrong words, no penalties will be charged for the same. Once they correctly guess the words, they move on to the next word. So, accordingly each player and team gets a chance to enact the word and finally scores are tallied and the team with the maximum guessed words emerges victorious.

Therefore, we see that taboo game is a a great game for a party like occasion, which is filled with joy, thrill and complete excitement.


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